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Off-road tour in Transylvania, Szeklerland, Sóvidék

2.5 km from centre - Felsősófalva (Sóvidék Panzió & Vendégház)
Duration: 5 Hours
From: Sóvidék Pension Guesthouse
To: Harghita - Bucin
Languages: Hungarian, Romanian, English
Scale: 2 - 25 people
Tour size: 10
Transportation: Off-road vehicle
Explore the wild landscapes of Szeklerland with off-road adventures! Join our exciting tours led by experienced drivers, as you navigate the surrounding areas and discover hidden gems that are otherwise challenging to reach.

Walk around the Gheorgheni Basin and its surroundings by SUV!

On our off-road tours, you can also explore places or explore the surrounding countryside like you wouldn't otherwise or would have a hard time doing so. Our guides will take you to the hidden corners of the woods. Guided by experienced drivers, you can explore wildly romantic landscapes in a comfortable yet exciting way, with as many important attractions as possible in a single day.

Hiking trails:

  • Bucsin Roof and Surroundings
  • Mountains around Gheorgheni
  • Towards the Bicaz-Chei

In one package we offer active and relaxing programs, accommodation with board, salt-bath tub and sauna, all of which ensure perfect relaxation.

Who do we recommend this tour to?

We recommend it primarily to our guests who do not have their own SUV and offroad experience; for families, groups of friends, small and large, those who want to relax and adventure and last but not least for corporate events and team building.

Sóvidék Pension & Guesthouse

str. Mare, nr. 59., Felsősófalva, HR 537244, Romania Show map Phone: +40742581925

The property is located in the village of Ocna de Sus (Praid, Harghita county, Romania), along the DN A13 main road, about 80 m far from the road.

The first floor of the newly built detached house has been designed to welcome guests. The house has a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains, Alsósófalva. The property has a spacious car park (4-6 cars, smaller buses) in a closed yard.

The courtyard has a smaller orchard, where there are 2 filagories. There is also a barbecue grill and a small playground in the middle of the yard and garden (climbing area, sandpit, small bikes, cars, balls, swimming pool in summer) ... At the same time there is a Szekler Jacuzzi or salt-tub, which is very popular in winter and summer! :-)

From / per person

225.00 RON
Long Tour
Accommodation (how many nights?)
Bath in salty tub
Airport transfer
Departs at
10 participants left
Important information
- the full price of the tour program (2.5 - 3 hours)
- the tour can be reserved for a minimum of 2 people
- accident insurance
- the cost of the trip to the tour location
- accommodation (but can be booked at the same time as the tour)
- meals (lunch can be ordered at the same time as the tour)
- the reservation can be canceled the previous day by arrangement