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Enduro and Snowmobile Adventure

2.5 km from centre - Felsősófalva (Sóvidék Panzió & Vendégház)
Duration: 2 Hours
From: Sóvidék Pension Guesthouse, Praid
To: Harghita Mădăraș
Languages: Hungarian, Romanian, English
Scale: 2 - 15 people
Tour size: 12
Transportation: Car, minibus
Discover the winter face of Szeklerland with a snowmobile tour on Madaras Hargita! Our 1-2 person sleds await those eager to explore. The program includes a guided snowmobile tour.

Discover the winter face of Szeklerland!

Our 1-2-person sleds are waiting for all our dear guests who want to hike, either for individual, group or family recreation on the Harghita  Madaras.

Package contents:

- snowmobile tour with 1 or 2 person snowmobiles, with guide, up in Madarasi Harghita
- a longer, all-day snowmobile tour (5 HOURS, of which 1 hour is a lunch break) can also be requested, if you request it, you can indicate it in a message on the booking form.
- 2-person sled costs 70 EUR/hour/sled/2 persons, min. 2 hours can be rented (140 EUR for 2 hours; 280 EUR for the whole day program/sled)
- 1-person sled costs 60 EUR/hour, min. 2 hours can be rented (120 EUR for 2 hours; 240 EUR for the whole day program / sled)

Options, optional:

- accommodation in Sóvidek Pension & Guesthouse
- breakfast or dinner (or half board)
- salts (heated to 38 C in a windproof room) - Szekler jacuzzi
- sauna ...

* the tour starts with 3 snowmobile, ie min. 3 snowmobile need to be rented for 2 hours

Sóvidék Pension & Guesthouse

str. Mare, nr. 59., Felsősófalva, HR 537244, Romania Show map Phone: +40742581925

The property is located in the village of Ocna de Sus (Praid, Harghita county, Romania), along the DN A13 main road, about 80 m far from the road.

The first floor of the newly built detached house has been designed to welcome guests. The house has a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains, Alsósófalva. The property has a spacious car park (4-6 cars, smaller buses) in a closed yard.

The courtyard has a smaller orchard, where there are 2 filagories. There is also a barbecue grill and a small playground in the middle of the yard and garden (climbing area, sandpit, small bikes, cars, balls, swimming pool in summer) ... At the same time there is a Szekler Jacuzzi or salt-tub, which is very popular in winter and summer! :-)

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Important information
- price of a 2-hour snowmobile tour for 2 persons
* the selected number here means the number of pieces of the snowmobile!
* 1-2 people can sit on a sled, the price is EUR 10 less for 1 person (indicate on the form)
- a driver with an experienced tour guide
- price of accommodation
- meals during the tour
- other programs (bath, etc.)
- the reservation can be canceled at any time by appointment
- the deposit paid (10%) is non-refundable, unless quarantine restrictions apply