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Visit the Parc Mini Trasylvania

2.5 km from centre - Felsősófalva (Sóvidék Panzió & Vendégház)
Duration: 2 Hours
From: Salt region
To: Sânsimion
Languages: Hungarian, Romanian, English
Scale: 4 - 8 people
Tour size: 16
Categories: Gastronomy
Transportation: Car, minibus
Visit the Parc Mini Trasylvania

We invite you to a unique visit program! All guests can get to know the Forbidden Csíki Beer Manufactory and the Csíki Lace Factory at the same time or at different times. Even brewing and potatos growing has a centuries-old tradition in Szeklerland.

During the visit programs, the guest has the opportunity to gain insight into the state-of-the-art technology of two plants where the process of making craft beer and chips can be followed step by step.

Of course, for the tasting to go well, you need to throw him a bed. That’s why we also provide dining options: for traditional beer, we offer traditional food.

Visit to the Csíki Beer Manufactory

  1. Offer
    1h | 25 Ron / person

Detailed tour and description of the technology used + 100g Strip Chips Tasting + unlimited beer consumption.

  1. Offer
    2h | 65 Ron / person

Detailed visit and description of the technology used + peasant plate (Szekler "pig") + unlimited beer consumption.

  1. Offer
    2h | 75 Ron / person

Detailed tour and description of the technology used + oven-baked knuckle knuckle with horseradish and garlic sauce + unlimited beer consumption.

Visit to the Csíki Chips Factory

  1. Offer
    30p | 15 Ron / person

Detailed presentation of Csíki Csipszárár + 100g Csíki Csipsz tasting.

  1. Offer - Preschool and Elementary School (up to 10 years old)
    30 p | We show you how to make Csíki Chips for free and you can taste them as a gift from the house (70 g).

IMPORTANT! Application will be considered a specific booking after confirmation by phone or email.

Sóvidék Pension & Guesthouse

str. Mare, nr. 59., Felsősófalva, HR 537244, Romania Show map Phone: +40742581925

The property is located in the village of Ocna de Sus (Praid, Harghita county, Romania), along the DN A13 main road, about 80 m far from the road.

The first floor of the newly built detached house has been designed to welcome guests. The house has a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains, Alsósófalva. The property has a spacious car park (4-6 cars, smaller buses) in a closed yard.

The courtyard has a smaller orchard, where there are 2 filagories. There is also a barbecue grill and a small playground in the middle of the yard and garden (climbing area, sandpit, small bikes, cars, balls, swimming pool in summer) ... At the same time there is a Szekler Jacuzzi or salt-tub, which is very popular in winter and summer! :-)

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85.00 RON
CsíkiCsipsz - Offer 1.
CsíkiCsipsz - Offer 2. For preschoolers and primary school children (up to 10 years old)
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Important information
Csíki Beer, Offer 3 Programs: Detailed tour and description of the technology used + loaf of knuckle baked in a loaf with horseradish and garlic sauce + unlimited beer consumption.
* The online booking form is set to Offer 3, but you can select any other option, in which case the option will only be considered.
The transfer from the accommodation (Praid), but can be selected as an option
- the reservation can be canceled until the day before the program
- any deposit paid is non-refundable